Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Did it happen again??

A few days ago, local resident Chris Stills "tweeted" out a photo of a mountain lion walking down a residential street in the Beverly Park area of Beverly Hills (located south of Mulholland and west of Coldwater Canyon). This appears to be the *second* confirmed sighting in recent years of a lion moving east across the 405 Freeway (assuming it hasn't been hiding in Beverly Hills for years, undetected). The first, of course, was P-22, which we captured on a wildlife camera in February 2012. A quick check with National Park Service biologists indicated this isn't a "collared" animal (affixed with a radio collar and tracked), though there's a chance it is a grown kitten with a tracking implant. Stay tuned!

Thanks to Beth Pratt, National Wildlife Federation, for alerting us to this, er, tweet!